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Nado Shelters




WineNado can be ordered with or without an NBC Air Filtration System depending on whether you want it to be a wine cellar only or a wine cellar withNBC capabilities as well as protection from tornadoes or hurricanes. WineNado does not come with a hatch at the ground level but if you decide to install it in the backyard, you can add a hatch at an additional cost.

WineNado is made of 1/4" steel plate and structurally supported with 6" C channels. WineNado is buried exactly 36 & quot; below the finished concrete slab. In high water tables, you will need to backfall with concrete to to create ballast so there is no threat of the shelter having lift. Depending on where you live in the USA, you will need your engineer to approve the design and stamp the drawings. We can provide stamped drawings at an additional cost. We also have stamps for all 50 states. Custom sizes and shapes are available. Please contact your area rep for pricing and delivery times. It can be built out into a wide variety ofrooms including a wine cellar, gun room, guest bedroom, oce, storage room, hobby room, or hidden vault.