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Beurdell Butter - Pasteurized French Salted Butter in 8.8oz (250g).

Beurdell Butter - Pasteurized French Salted Butter in 8.8oz (250g).

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Beurdell Real Canned Butter from France, smooth, creamy high quality butter

  • Beurdell Finest Quality Butter: 3% Salted Pasteurized AAA Grade Product of France 8.8oz/250g in a sealed container.

  • Beurdell Pasteurized Butter preserved through the addition of extra salt has an unctuous texture and a rich, "cheese-like" taste. Perfect for baking

  • The unique packaging allows a longer shelf and doesn't require refrigeration until consumed.

  • This time-honoured tradition creates very pure butter with an incomparable taste and texture. Try a taste of the old world with this sumptuous French butter, made in the traditional way.

  • The finest French butter is 100% all-natural.

Note: This item does not have expiration dates on the product but we get only the fresh inventory with a long shelf life. You can enjoy this for a long time. If there are any concerns about shelf life or expiration please do not hesitate to reach out.

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