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SAFECASTLE School Compact Kit Emergency Supplies Bag for Schools

SAFECASTLE School Compact Kit Emergency Supplies Bag for Schools

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The SAFECASTLE School Compact Kit is the ultimate emergency preparedness solution for schools, daycare centers, and educational institutions. Designed to provide comprehensive first aid and emergency care, this portable kit is an essential addition to any school's safety protocols.

What's Included

  • Basic First Aid Kit (295 Pcs)

    • Wide range of first aid supplies to treat minor injuries and scrapes

  • Red Emergency Sling Backpack

    • Easy-to-carry and highly visible for quick access

  • Combat Tourniquet (2 Pack)

    • Essential for controlling severe bleeding

  • Chest Seal (2 Pack)

    • Vital for treating chest wounds

  • Combat Casualty Card with Marker

    • For recording important medical information during emergencies

  • Wound Kit (includes gauze)

    • Comprehensive wound care supplies

  • Clotting Powder

    • Quickly stops bleeding in severe wounds

  • ABD Pads 5x9

    • Large absorbent pads for serious injuries

  • Israeli Bandage

    • Multi-functional bandage for heavy bleeding

  • MediTac Bleeding Control Kit

    • Essential for managing critical bleeding situations

  • Food Bar

    • Provides necessary nutrition during emergencies

  • Water Pouch

    • Clean drinking water to stay hydrated

  • Glucose Tabs

    • Quick energy boost for low blood sugar

  • Maxi Pads (5 Units)

    • Versatile for use as emergency bandages or feminine hygiene

Key Features

Personal & Professional First Aid Solutions

SAFECASTLE offers a complete line of first aid kits, cabinets, and stations tailored for both personal and professional use. Our range includes individual first aid products, spill clean-up kits, CPR care, and more.

Premium Quality

Each component in this kit has been carefully selected and crafted with premium materials. Our attention to detail ensures that you'll have the essential supplies needed during any unexpected injury or medical emergency.

Perfect for Schools & Daycare Centers

This compact and active emergency first aid kit is designed specifically for educational environments. It includes not only basic first aid supplies but also emergency items to handle severe injuries and critical situations.

Prepared for Emergencies

Our school compact toolkit features essential first aid supplies, emergency gear, and bleeding control items neatly organized in a red sling backpack. This kit is designed for quick response to injuries and emergencies, making it an excellent addition to your preparedness supplies.

Product Details

  • Item Model Number: School Compact Kit

  • Department: Unisex-adult

  • Special Feature: First Aid Kit Included

  • Number of Pieces: 301

  • Recommended Uses For Product: Emergency Preparedness

  • Color: Red

  • Country of Origin: USA


When it comes to emergency preparedness, quality and reliability are paramount. SAFECASTLE is committed to providing the best products to keep you and your students safe during any emergency. Our School Compact Kit ensures that you are ready to respond effectively, whether it's a minor injury or a critical situation.

Equip your school with the SAFECASTLE School Compact Kit today and ensure that you are always prepared for any emergency.

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