All of our Saferooms and shelters meet the National Performance Criteria for Tornado Shelters. Many shelters on the market don't meet these requirements. Our shelters are built for safety, comfort, and long life expectancy. Our saferooms and shelters will provide a space where you and your family can survive any tornado or hurricane.

Our builder/installer has extensive experience with above-ground shelters, most commonly referred to as saferooms. The Wind Engineering Research Center (WERC) at Texas Tech University has done a great amount of research on different types of saferooms, including metal safe rooms. All of our shelters and saferooms are made of heavy gauge steel--steel that is almost twice as thick as what the WERC requires it to be. Our underground shelters, saferooms, and anchoring systems have all been tested for safety by a certified structural engineer.

Your saferoom is brought to your location completely assembled. We install this shelter anywhere you are pouring a concrete slab for a new home, business, office, or pouring concrete to add a room or patio to an existing home. When you are framing to pour this concrete foundation, the concrete under the saferoom (and extending one foot past the saferoom on all four sides), has to be at least 16" thick. Example--for a 7' wide by 10' long saferoom, the concrete will be 16" thick in an area 9' wide and 12' long.

When installing the saferoom inside a home, no walls or ceiling can be attached to the saferoom. Our saferooms can be installed in a walk-in closet, pantry, bedroom, etc.

The door in a 6' tall saferoom or above-ground shelter is approximately 5'10" tall and 34" wide. In the 7' tall shelters, the door is about 6'6" tall and 34" wide. This door has a pick-proof, hardened-steel, deadbolt lock. A safe room can be used as a security vault, closet, storage room, etc., as well as a storm shelter.

Our saferooms have smooth outside walls. They are painted white and are very attractive. You can repaint them any color you choose.

All of our shelters and saferooms are designed by a structural engineer to withstand 330 miles per hour wind. They are certified to meet or exceed all of FEMA's requirements.

Placing a saferoom within new construction, we can build to fit it in any area you have chosen. For example, if you have an area 5'4" wide by 6'8" long and 7'1" tall we can build the saferoom 5'3" wide by 6'7" long by 7' tall, so it will fit in the area you have chosen.

No walls or ceilings can be attached to the saferoom. They can be touching as long as they are not attached. We can place a 4" pipe out the top or anywhere you want us to, to hook the air conditioning duct onto the saferoom. Inside, the pipe will have a slide to close it off when you don't need the AC. We attach the plug-in and frame for your light fixture, so you can have electricity inside. The inside is primed, painted, and carpeted. The outside is coated with a white epoxy primer and white paint. This will save you some expense because the walls of the home next to the saferoom will not have to be finished with paneling, drywall, etc.

We deliver the saferoom to the location where the home or business is being built. The saferoom has to be placed into wet concrete by your home builder. This can be done with a backhoe, crane, or whatever the home builder has available. Remember--the concrete under the saferoom and extending one foot past the saferoom on all four sides has to be poured at least 16" thick with plenty of rebar.

Example--for a 10' long by 8' wide saferoom, the concrete would be 16" thick in an area 12' long by 10' wide.

The door is almost flat against the concrete foundation. The dimensions of the storm shelter door are about 32" by 71". Heavy-duty latches are attached to the door inside in case of a tornado or an intruder. We can also custom build the doors whatever width you need from 18" to 38" wide. The doors can be put on either side or either end of the safe room.

We custom-build our saferooms to fit in small areas such as under a staircase, in the back of a walk-in closet, etc. We can also build them large enough to be used as a bedroom, closet, pantry, office, etc.

Note: Delivery charges for your shelter are based on the shelter size and mileage from our factory to your site.