Bomb Shelters



Nado Shelters


New home construction installation is much easier! It aords for the shelter to be put in pre-slab, which also allows for the secret hatch to be placed in themaster bedroom closet, or hidden behind a false wall.

The BombNado disaster shelter features anNBC Air Filtration System (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), plus hundreds of cubic feet of storage beneath thelaminated oak flooring, and collapsible bunk beds & couch that converts into anadditional bed! The shelter’ssturdy steel engineering is strong enough that you can even park a car on top of the 4’ x 4’ hatch installed flush with the floor.

The shelter includes a custom fabricated ladder entry, an 8-ton hydraulic hatch-lift for emergency egress, and an impressive list of othercustomized options.All shelters in the Nado Series are priced without the beds, couchand toilet. This is done this way for those who wish to use the shelter for a winecellar, gun room, panic room, or just for storage. Because BombNado is buried 14 feet below the surface, the average temperature in the shelter is 60° which willmake it the perfect climate controlledwine cellar.Optional bed or couch $575each.The BombNado is built toFEMA P-361 standards and is an all-in-onefallout shelter, safe room, tornado shelter, and gun vault.



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