Nado Shelters




Safecastle Nado Shelters


Nado Series built into the home shelters


Wine Nado Shelters


Wine Nado

WineNado installs underneath the kitchen island pre- concrete slab. You will need to plan this bunker into your project but WineNado is one of the coolest shelters on the market. The fact thatthe shelter is hidden underneath the kitchen counter will bring jaw-dropping wows from yourfriends when you show them the hidden entrance to your new favourite room.




Bomb Nado Shelters


Bomb Nado

One great feature of the BombNado shelter is it’s patented design that allows for installation in existing homes. The shelter unbolts into four parts, allowing the sections to clear a 7’ tall garage door opening, then each section lowers into the hole for re-assembly under the door. If the seamsare welded after installation, this shelter will be classied as water tight and is acceptable forFlorida. (Do not attempt to excavate your garage without an engineer’s approval rst).




Gar  Nado Shelter


Gar Nado

GarNado is classified as water tight and will install ne in high water table installations like in Florida. GarNado has an interior door for climate control and a mud room with an optional decontamination shower.