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Water Filter Straw by Breeze - Portable Water Purifier for Travel

Water Filter Straw by Breeze - Portable Water Purifier for Travel

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Water Filter Straw by Breeze for Survival- Patented Design, Multiple Filtering Options! Hollow Ultra-Filtration Membrane. Transform Contaminated Water into Clean Drinking Water.

USE 3 WAYS: 1- Traditional Filtered Straw. 2- Hand Pump Action. 3- Pressurized Filter for Contained Water. Multiple Filtration Options Allow a Single Straw to be Shared Among a Group- Share Water, Not Germs!

OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST MUST HAVE: Portable Water Filter by Breeze is an Essential Tool for Hiking, Camping, Travel, Backpacking, and Emergency Drinking Water. Perfect Addition to any Survival Kit and Disaster Preparedness! Includes Lanyard for Easy Carrying or Attaching to Backpacks

HIGH CAPACITY: Purifies Up to 1000 litres/246 Gallons of Contaminated Water into Fresh Drinking Water. NO CHEMICALS: No Iodine, Chlorine, or other Nasty Chemicals. BPA Free

SMALL YET POWERFUL: Removes 99.9999% of Waterborne Bacteria, and 99.9% of Protozoan Parasites, and Filters to 0.2 microns; Surpassing EPA Standards. Weighs 2oz, 5.5" x1.5"

CLEAN WATER ON THE GO: Small Portable, and Powerful. best water filter straw what You Need to Obtain Clean Water in Nearly any Emergency Circumstance, Or While Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

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