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Future Essentials New Variety pack- 15 Cans

Future Essentials New Variety pack- 15 Cans

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Buy Freeze Dried Food Items in Bulk

Future Essentials New Variety Pack provides the ideal way to stockpile long-term, healthy and nutritional food items. This 15-can pack offers emergency meals, survival rations or just everyday eating needs.

This pack features steel cut oats, white flour, small shell pasta, long grain white rice, iodized salt, sea salt, basmati rice, macaroni and cheese, brown sugar, pilot bread crackers, roasted cocoa nibs, freeze dried raspberries, citric acid, pinto beans, and non-GMO garden seeds. all shelf stable products that will ensure there will always be food available during a food emergency.

This package provides excellent cost savings on meal planning and preparation!


  • Have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any emergency or disaster

  • Enjoy healthy and nutritious meals, even when you are off the grid

  • Reduce your reliance on processed foods

  • Save money by buying food in bulk

The variety pack includes 15 cans of the following items:

Item Quantity
Steel Cut Oats  80 oz (2.26kg)
White Flour 16 oz (453g)
Small Shell Pasta 14 oz (400g)
Long Grain White Rice 24 oz (680g)
Iodized Salt 120 oz (3.4kg)
Sea Salt 32 oz (907g)
Basmati Rice 24 oz (680g)
Macaroni & Cheese 14.5 oz (411g)
Brown Sugar 24 oz (680g)
Pilot Bread Crackers 9.9 oz (280g)
Roasted Cocoa Nibs 13 oz (368g)
Freeze Dried Raspberries 2.5 oz (70g)
Citric Acid 26 oz (737g)
Pinto Beans #10 Can 80 oz (2.26kg)
non-GMO Garden Seeds

All items in this variety pack are non-GMO and come with a shelf life of 15 years or longer, packaged in durable cans that make for easy storage and transport.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

Product made in the USA

Case Dimension 25 x 19 x 8.24 inches
Case Weight 478 oz (30 Pounds) (13 kg)
Number of items 15 Cans 
Can Size #2.5
Shelf Life
15+ years
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