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Future Essential Granulated Brown Sugar

Future Essential Granulated Brown Sugar

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This listing comes in 1 can and 12 cans options.

Plant or Animal Product Type Sugar
Color Brown
Unit Count 1 Count

About this item

  • Granulated Brown Sugar
  • With the rising cost of commodities these days, this is a great addition to your food storage program, and an excellent hedge against future price increases.
  • Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed, this will last as long as the seal on the can remains intact - which will be for many, many years!
  • Future Essentials granulated brown sugar has the same great medium molasses flavor, and it won't lump, cake or harden which makes it easy to sprinkle, pour and measure
  • It is great for baking and tastes great on fresh fruit, hot cereals, pancakes and even ice cream
  • This sugar is used as a cup for cup replacement for light brown sugar in all of your favorite recipes.
  • Ingredients: Brown Sugar
  • Shelf Life 25 years
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