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Mountain House Sample Pouch- Lasagna

Mountain House Sample Pouch- Lasagna

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Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Sample Pouch- Lasagna, your new go-to for a quick and satisfying meal that tastes like homemade. This convenient pouch packs all the flavors you love – rich meat sauce, gooey cheese, and al dente noodles – in a single, portable serving.

Net weight: 191 oz.

Serves: 1

Shelf life:  25+ year

Made in the USA

Product description:

  1. Ready in Minutes: Just add hot water and heat for a warm, cheesy lasagna in under 10 minutes. Perfect for busy weeknights or lunchtime cravings.

  2. Restaurant-Quality Taste: Made with real ingredients and authentic Italian recipes, our lasagna delivers restaurant-worthy flavor without the prep time.

  3. Individual Serving: No more cooking for the whole crowd! This single-serving pouch is ideal for solo meals or portion control.

  4. Lightweight & Portable: Take it with you on camping trips, hikes, or even to the office for a satisfying lunch break.

  5. No Refrigeration Needed: Store it in your pantry until you're ready to enjoy. No need to worry about fridge space!

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Customer Reviews

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During The "Shelter In Place" Time, This Was SO Helpful For Our Son Living In Another State

Very convenient, tasty, and healthy. Helped so much during the pandemic when our son didn't have access to transportation or close walk to a store. He was able to enjoy this granola and fill up nicely. Very convenient. I know it's for back-packers, but given the situation, this was SO helpful! He had the option to snack it, mix it with cold water (then microwave for a hearty kind of meal). And it was delicious!