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Enhance Your Diesel Performance with PRI-D Fuel Stabilizer

Brand: Pri-Products

Volume: 946.35 Milliliters

Flash Point: 60 Degrees Celsius

Manufacturer: Pri-Products

Discover the Power of PRI-D Diesel Fuel Treatment

PRI-D is a premium, super-concentrated diesel fuel treatment specifically engineered to improve all standard distillate grades. Whether you're a refiner, supplier, or commercial diesel consumer, PRI-D offers unparalleled performance and protection for your diesel engines.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosted Peak Firing Pressure: Experience up to 4 bar increase in peak firing pressure, enhancing your engine's performance.

  • Reduced Fuel Consumption: Achieve up to a 1% reduction in specific fuel consumption, maximizing efficiency.

  • Inhibited Deposits: Prevent carbon and fuel system deposits, ensuring your engine runs smoothly.

  • Minimized Wear: Decrease fuel injection pump wear by up to 45%, extending the life of your engine components.

  • Enhanced Fuel Stability: Keep your fuel fresh and maintain optimal ignition quality, even restoring degraded fuels.

  • Clean Systems: Maintain tanks and fuel lines free from slime and sludge.

  • Reduced Emissions: Significantly lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC), and particulate matter (PM).

Exceptional Performance and Maintenance

PRI-D stands out in the market with its proven ability to enhance combustion processes, resulting in improved engine performance, efficiency, and reduced emissions. Rigorous testing by CARB/EPA and power plant standards has confirmed PRI-D's exceptional capabilities.

Maximum Lubricity Protection

Backed by extensive oil industry research and field performance data, PRI-D's lubricity additive package is the safest and most effective available today. It ensures optimal lubrication, safeguarding your engine from wear and tear.

Peak Fuel Stability

Not only does PRI-D prevent fuel degradation during long-term storage, but it also restores degraded fuels to their original refinery-fresh condition. Your diesel fuel will maintain peak stability, ensuring reliable performance whenever you need it.

Super Concentrated and Cost-Effective

PRI-D's super concentrated formula treats fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio (500 ppm), making it incredibly cost-effective. It contains no potentially harmful cetane improvement additives, metals, or harsh solvents, meeting all major engine manufacturer fuel specifications.

Why Choose PRI-D?

  • Improved Engine Performance: Enhance peak firing pressure and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Engine Longevity: Minimize wear on fuel injection pumps and prevent deposit formation.

  • Fuel Quality Assurance: Keep your fuel fresh and restore degraded fuels to optimal quality.

  • Environmental Benefits: Reduce harmful emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

  • Cost-Effective: Treats fuel at an economical ratio, ensuring you get the best value.

Make the smart choice for your diesel engines with PRI-D Fuel Stabilizer. Experience the difference in performance, maintenance, and emissions with this industry-leading diesel treatment.

Order Your PRI-D Diesel Fuel Treatment Today!

Enhance your diesel engine's performance and reliability with PRI-D. Don't wait – invest in the best fuel treatment available and keep your diesel engines running at their peak.

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