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Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals (Powdered Eggs)

Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals (Powdered Eggs)

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  • NATURALLY PROCESSED: Typical egg powder products are dried at high temperatures, the essence of the egg is lost, and the taste suffers as a result. We dry our egg crystals at lower temperatures to prevent the eggs from denaturing and to preserve the full flavour and functionality, so when you add water and cook them the way you like. 
  • PROCESSING AND PREPARING: Eggs cook at as low as 144F degrees, so when typical egg powder products are produced at temperatures higher than 350F degrees, the essence of the egg is lost, and the taste suffers as a result. We dry our egg crystals at temperatures below 144F degrees to preserve the full flavour and functionality, so when you add water and cook them the way you like.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE: Our Dried Egg Whole Eggcrystals can be easily mixed with water or with dry ingredients as per the requirements of the recipe. It is also easy to use and store without any required refrigeration and has a shelf life of 7 years.
  • HEALTHY EGG RECIPES : Our Dried Whole Egg Crystals are extremely versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes ranging from omelettes to cakes. Because of its simplicity, it makes cooking more efficient, effortless, and enjoyable. Whole Egg Crystals can be used as a filling meal or snack on their own without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value.
  • ANOTHER MESS-FREE OPTION: The benefit of using dehydrated whole egg crystals is that your dish will be much more nutritious and there will be much less mess. So whether you're pressed for time or just want your eggs quickly, this whole egg powder will save the day. 

Product Description

egg crystal
whole eggs

Mountain Essentials has given Whole Egg a new name. Crystals of Whole Egg

Try our Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals and you'll love how it blends with any food or beverage, providing an authentic taste without the mess. It has a longer shelf life and is more convenient to store. We recommend using them in a variety of dishes,, without fear of them spoiling. The dried whole eggs, provide all of the nutrients of a real egg while being lower in fat and delicious. Every 2 tablespoons of Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals contains about 5 gms of protein and 26 mg of calcium while only containing 70 calories.

Try our Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals in the following recipes:

Simply add water and follow the recipe; it will be perfect every time!

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Omelets
  • Cakes and cookies are examples of bakery items
  • Make-Ahead Smoothies Recipe
  • Blender Pancakes
break fast with egg

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