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Future Essentials Canned Powdered Eggs #2.5 Can

Future Essentials Canned Powdered Eggs #2.5 Can

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Canned Powdered Whole Eggs

This listing comes with Single can/2 cans/6 cans and 12 cans options.

Item Weight 8 oz (226g) per can
Case Dimension 20 x 16 x 8 inches
Case Weight 96 oz (6 Pounds) (2.7 kg)
Number of items 12 Cans 
Case Dimension 14 x 12 x 6 inches
Case Weight 48 oz (3 Pounds) (1.3 kg)
Number of items 6 Cans
Can Size #2.5
Shelf Life
10 years

We have the perfect size. Each #2.5 can make two dozen Extra Large Eggs. Future Essential's Dried Whole Eggs are sourced from fresh chicken eggs harvested in the United States for optimal quality and safety. The eggs are spray-dried and pasteurized in the US.

  • Protein sources that are convenient and shelf-stable for campers, hikers, and backpackers

  • Food storage needs for people in an emergency

  • Cooks and bakers who need a backup supply

  • People with food allergies or dietary restrictions who need to avoid fresh eggs

To make Future Essentials Powdered Whole Eggs safe for consumption, a special process is used to produce a free-flowing powder that has been pasteurized. When blended with water, our whole egg powder transforms into a product like fresh whipped eggs. 

We offer a non-perishable whole egg powder that cannot be refrigerated until opened and can be substituted for fresh eggs. 


  • Made from fresh, whole eggs

  • Spray-dried and pasteurized

  • Non-perishable

  • 10-year shelf life in unopened cans

Reconstitution Instructions:

Mix one tablespoon of powdered whole egg with three tablespoons of water for any recipe requiring eggs. You do not need to reconstitute the egg if you are using it with other dry ingredients. Just combine with other dry ingredients and increase the water quantity to the desired amount.


It can make scrambled eggs, omelets, desserts, baking, and even as a protein supplement in your favorite smoothie or health drink. 

Powdered eggs do not need to be cooked because they have been pasteurized. Once rehydrated, powdered eggs should be used immediately. 


Storage life depends on the conditions of the container. Store food products in a cool, dry environment for maximum storage life. Once opened, refrigerate the remaining portion.

Ingredients: Whole Eggs, Sodium Silicoaluminate (Less than 2% added).

Allergen Information: Contains Eg

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