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Keystone Canned Meat Mega Variety Bundle Pack - 5 Cases of 24 Cans each (14.5 oz)

Keystone Canned Meat Mega Variety Bundle Pack - 5 Cases of 24 Cans each (14.5 oz)

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Keystone Canned Meat Mega Variety Bundle Pack - Each twenty-four (24) Keystone Meats Cans (14.5 oz) 

Note: Ground Beef is in a 14 oz can.

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Keystone Canned Meat Mega Bundle - a generous collection of twenty-four (24) cans, each packing 14.5 oz of goodness. Customize your selection, and don't forget to include the versatile Ground Beef in its 14 oz can.

Keystone Canned Meat Mega Bundle (14.5 oz) pack includes: 

  • 5 Cases Of Meat Variety: Keystone Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, or Ground Beef.
  • Each Case Includes 24 Cans of 28 OZ: Total 120 Cans
Keystone All Natural Canned Meat Safecastle Sale Price MRP Safecastle Bulk Discount
Keystone All Natural Ground Beef (14 oz) $17.00 $22.00

$20 Off

Keystone All Natural Beef (14.5 oz) $18.00 $23.00
Keystone All Natural Chicken (14.5 oz) $17.00 $22.00
Keystone All Natural Pork (14.5 oz) $17.00 $22.00
Keystone All Natural Turkey (14.5 oz) $13.00 $18.00
Total Price of 5 Cans $82.00 $107.00
Bundle - 24 Cans (14.5 oz) $984.00 $1,284.00 $964.00

Effortless Cooking, Limitless Possibilities:

Wave goodbye to kitchen chaos! Our fully cooked meats, ready to elevate your meals, bring simplicity and rich flavors to your culinary creations. From comforting stews to zesty stir-fries, Keystone Canned Meats makes every dish a masterpiece.

Handcrafted Excellence:

Crafted in small batches, our meats start with lean USDA cuts, hand-cut, and thoughtfully packed. A touch of sea salt enhances the natural flavors, ensuring a taste that reflects our commitment to quality.

Quick and Convenient Delights:

Slow-cooked in the can to preserve their essence, our meats are free from preservatives and additives. Indulge in premium, hassle-free goodness for your meals.

Pure Simplicity - Just Two Ingredients:

Keystone Canned Meats keep it straightforward: meat and sea salt. Perfect for a myriad of dishes, from soul-warming stews to hearty sandwiches.

Secure Your Keystone Canned Meat Mega Bundle Now:

Elevate your culinary experience with the Keystone Canned Meat Mega Bundle. Mix and match your preferred meats, including the Ground Beef in its 14 oz can. Order now to revolutionize your kitchen routine with the ultimate blend of convenience, quality, and flavor!

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