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"Cluster Box Unit by Salsbury Industries - 16 A Size Doors, Type III, USPS Lock Compatible, Black (Model: 3316BLK-U)"

"Cluster Box Unit by Salsbury Industries - 16 A Size Doors, Type III, USPS Lock Compatible, Black (Model: 3316BLK-U)"

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Material Aluminum
Color Black
Included Security Features Lock
Brand Salsbury Industries
Mounting Type Pedestal

About this item

    • Outgoing Mail Compartment: Labeled as "Outgoing Mail," this compartment features a weather protection flap and an 11-3/4" W x 3/4" H mail slot.

    • Carrier Access Door: Equipped with a carrier access door designed for use with a U.S.P.S. installed master lock.

    • Parcel Lockers: Includes 1 or 2 fully integrated parcel lockers for secure package storage.

    • Matching Pedestal: Comes with a complementary matching pedestal for installation.

    • U.S.P.S. Access: Designed in accordance with U.S. Postal Service standards.

    • 16 A Size Doors: Features 16 individual A size doors.

    • Type 3 - Model 3316: Complies with Type 3 specifications, specifically Model 3316.

    • Color: Available in a sleek black finish.


For nearly nine decades, Salsbury Industries has demonstrated exceptional expertise in the manufacturing sector, dating back to 1936. Located within a vast 600,000-square-foot space in the greater Los Angeles area, our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. These facilities, along with our stringent quality control processes, empower us to adeptly and productively manufacture components. This includes machining, powder coating, assembly, packaging, and shipping, all of which are efficiently executed within our own facilities.

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Salsbury Cluster Mailboxes are Durable and Secure

Cluster mailboxes find their suitability across a spectrum of settings including commercial buildings, multi-family housing units, apartment complexes, government and military bases, schools, colleges, as well as other residential and commercial developments. Their appeal lies in their exceptional durability and the versatility they offer through a range of size and color choices.


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Ideal for commercial and residential developments

Each compartment features a double latch locking system to provide maximum security

Accessed from the front through 2 easy opening master door panels


Centralized mail delivery to a single location is a highly efficient method for mail carriers compared to door-to-door deliveries. Cluster mailboxes surpass individual curbside mailboxes in terms of security, offering multiple protective features against mail theft. An anti-fish plate installed on the rear of the outgoing mail slot serves as a deterrent to any tampering with the mail.

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