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Bixpy PP-768 Outboard Battery with Remote (Pre- order Only)

Bixpy PP-768 Outboard Battery with Remote (Pre- order Only)

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Bixpy PP-768 Outboard Battery, the newest addition to our outboard batteries for J series motors. With two great options, you can now choose the super light and buoyant PP-378 or the long-lasting and ultra-rugged PP-768.

Built to last, the PP-768 features a sturdy anodized aluminum shell that's been treated for UV protection to prevent fading and discoloration. Completely sealed and waterproof, dirt-proof, and saltwater resistant, this battery is designed to withstand harsh conditions.

The LiFePO4 battery core boasts 768 watt-hours of power with a life expectancy of over 10 years. It can run your Bixpy motor for up to 2 hours at full speed or up to 24 hours at trolling speeds. With 12 speeds forward, 3 speeds in reverse, and a 13th turbo speed, the waterproof Bluetooth remote allows for precise control, including a warp speed option with a double-click.

The PP-768 also comes with a sturdy carrying handle and standard rails on three sides, making it easy to carry and attach additional accessories or flat surfaces.

Perfect for avid anglers or those who want to stay on the water all day, the PP-768 is the ideal battery for you. 

****Please Note PP-768 is compatible only with J-2 motors.

Choose the Bixpy PP-768 Outboard Battery for reliable, long-lasting power on your next water adventure.


  • Provides up to 2 hours of continuous use at top speed and up to 24 hours at slower speeds with the Bixpy J-2 Motor.

  • Features a Warp Speed function, standard rail system, and Bluetooth remote control with 13 forward and 3 reverse speeds.

  • Equipped with a rechargeable 25.6 V lithium-ion battery core (768 Wh) that offers waterproof and dirt-proof operation with corrosion-resistant components.

  • Includes a floating remote control for safety, as well as a high-quality magnetic kill leash.

  • Can be used in salt water or fresh water, thanks to its rugged anodized aluminum body.

  • battery status indicator with 6 LED lights.


  • Bixpy Outboard Battery (768 Wh)

  • Bluetooth remote control

  • Magnetic kill switch with leash

  • Wall charger

  • Quick Start Guide


  • Weighs 25.7 lb (11.7 kg) and has negative buoyancy.

  • Battery size: L: 18.7" (47.5 cm) • W: 7.9" (20 cm) • H: 4.8" (12 cm)

  • Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable

  • Voltage: 25.6 Volts

  • Watt hours: 768Wh

  • Wall charger recharge time: 4.5 hours

  • PP-768 is compatible only with J-2 motors. 

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