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American Farm Fresh Fortified Instant Non fat Dry Milk Powder case

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About this item

  • NONFAT MILK: Made from real milk, our nonfat milk powder is fortified with vitamins A and D.
  • SKIM MILK POWDER: Drink or pour on your cereal in the morning, or make a milkshake or hot cocoa.
  • TO PREPARE: Add dry milk to water, cover, and chill for 4 hours. Enjoy the great taste of milk.
  • VARIETY OF USES: Use our 100% American-made dried milk for bread baking, making cheese, and more.
  • SHELF LIFE MILK: Lasts 20 years when stored unopened in a cool, dry place. Ideal for survival kits.

Make no mistake about it, American Farm Fresh Fortified Instant Nonfat Dry Milk tastes like regular milk because it is real milk. Notice the Real Dairy seal on our label. Our American-made powdered milk can be a source of daily vitamins A and D for your family that you can serve with confidence. You won’t have to worry about milk going bad, because you can prepare it when you need it. You can make as much or as little as you want, which saves money.

Our instant nonfat dry milk is perfect for baking bread recipes that require powdered milk to enrich the taste and texture. You can also make whipped cream and hot chocolate with our powdered milk, which kids will love. You're only limited by your culinary creativity!

You can easily use our fat-free milk powder as a substitute for regular milk. Or, add American Farm Fresh powdered milk to your self-care and beauty regimen. It makes a moisturizing face mask to plump skin and give it a glow. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra famously used milk in her bath for its richness. Indulge your inner queen and soak in a creamy, milky bath.

Powdered milk is essential to any storm preparedness or survival kit, along with bottled water, blankets, and canned food. No matter the situation, you still need the milk to taste good, so get American Farm Fresh. Our dried milk powder is ready to go whenever you need it—all you need is water and a way to chill it. Our instant milk has a shelf life of 20 years as long as it's kept unopened, cool, and dry.

Product Specs:
Fortified with Vitamins A and D
Certified REAL Seal dairy product
100% Produced and Processed in the USA
Servings per Can: 45 (1 cup servings)
Makes 2.81 gallons (11.24 quarts) of milk per can
Total Servings: 270
Calories per serving: 80
Protein per serving: 7 grams
Total Calories: 21,600
Shelf Life: Up to 20 years
No refrigeration necessary

Contain 6 cans

Size #10 cans

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