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170 Serving Fruit & Vegetable Kit By Heaven's Harvest

170 Serving Fruit & Vegetable Kit By Heaven's Harvest

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Fruits and vegetables are vital components of a balanced diet, which is why we've put together the Heaven's Harvest 170 Serving Fruit & Vegetable Kit. These nutritious servings can enhance any recipe or serve as a wholesome snack. Each serving is individually wrapped and sealed within a 4-gallon waterproof bucket, making them convenient to store alongside other Heaven's Harvest emergency food kits, creating a comprehensive food storage solution.

About the Heaven's Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Kit:

  • While stockpiling freeze-dried food, we often focus on calorie-rich main meals, but we may overlook essential nutrients and vitamins our bodies need.
  • The Heaven's Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Kit bridges this gap, providing a vital dose of nutrients and vitamins.

Versatile and Nutrient-Packed:

  • This kit offers delicious fruits that can be enjoyed as snacks without any preparation.
  • The vegetables can be added to our entrées, enhancing meals with extra calories, flavors, and essential vitamins.
  • It pairs perfectly with our One Month Combo to bolster your food supply.

Kit Contents:

  • Includes 3 fruit and 2 vegetable varieties for a total of 170 servings, providing 6,000 calories.
  • Fruit Varieties: Apples, Bananas, Pineapple - 1 Pouch each; 30 servings each.
  • Vegetable Varieties: Potato Dices, Corn - 1 Pouch each; 30 servings and 50 servings, respectively.

Additional Product Information:

  • Offers 6,000 calories in total.
  • Boasts a 25-year shelf life.
  • Gluten-free.
  • All servings are freeze-dried.
  • Each food variety is individually sealed within Mylar pouches, containing 6 servings each.
  • Comes in a 4-gallon stackable bucket with handles for easy transportation or emergency storage.
  • Bucket dimensions: 11" x 11" x 14".
  • Total weight of the bucket is approximately 6 pounds.
  • All fruits and vegetables are grown in the USA!
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