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Sea Eagle Paddleski 437PS Inflatable Kayak - 2 Person Swivel Seat Package

Sea Eagle Paddleski 437PS Inflatable Kayak - 2 Person Swivel Seat Package

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 Sea Eagle 437 Paddleski 2 Seat

Person Capacity 2
Package 2-Person Swivel Seat Package
Hull Weight 26 kg. (31 kg. with Transom)
Length 14'4"ft
Beam 4'3" ft
Interior 11' 6" x 21"
Load Capacity 2 Persons or 387 kg
Deflated 36" x 21" x 12"
Chambers 5 (2-port, 2-starboard, floor)
Tube Diameter 14"
Air Valves 5 Recessed One Way
Inflation time 10 min
Seam Quadruple Overlap
Material 1100 Decitex Reinforced
Engine Capacity 6 hp gas (max motor weight 27kg, min. 38.1cm shaft) or up to 70 lb. thrust electric motor (min 76cm shaft)
Floor 1000 Denier Reinforced Material
Speed Estimates 5 hp (up to 26 kph w/ 1 adult, up to 23 kph w/ 2 adults)
Whitewater Rating Not rated for whitewater
Inflation Pressure Side Chambers 3.2 psi, Floor 8-10 psi

Introducing the Sea Eagle PaddleSki 437ps - a stable, safe, and easy-to-stand-on 2 person inflatable boat. This inflatable catamaran kayak is equipped with drop-stitch technology and a high-pressure floor that can inflate up to 10psi for a sturdy platform, while two large side tubes provide additional stability and buoyancy.

The PaddleSki 437ps is faster than ever, thanks to its built-in transom and lightweight design, weighing only 93 pounds with two seats. It can reach speeds of up to 16 mph with just a 5 hp motor, making it perfect for any lake, bay, or inlet.

This inflatable two-person boat features five independent air chambers for added safety, seven high-strength carry handles for easy transport, and a removable transom for convenient storage. It's also completely self-bailing, ensuring you stay dry during your aquatic adventures.

2-Person Swivel Seat Package Includes:

  • Hull 

  • Two Swivel Seats

  • Two 7'10" AB30's 

  • Boat Carry Bag 

  • SUP Manual Pump

  • Repair Kit 

Upgrade your boating experience with the Sea Eagle Paddle Ski 437ps - the perfect combination of stability, speed, and portability.

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