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Bega Canned Cheese (200g) - Made in Australia

Bega Canned Cheese (200g) - Made in Australia

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  • 200g (7.05oz) cans
  • Safecastle Bega Australia Cheese
  • Great Tasting!
  • Real Cheddar Cheese in a Can

if you're looking to include REAL cheese (not powdered or freeze-dried) in your long-term food storage plan!

This Cheese in a can is a perfect product for your long term food storage or You can keep this in your bag for your next outdoor adventure.

Now you can finally have delicious, thick, high-quality cheese... And who cares if the power goes out??

The Bega factory in Bega, Australia, produces this cheese. Bega Canned Cheese has been making cheese since 1899 and has perfected the art of putting great-tasting, authentic cheddar cheese in a can. This product has a pleasing texture and a natural creamy colour. It also has a medium cheddar flavour. It's simple to chop, grate, and slice, and it tastes great.

Real CHEESE has long been a product that has been lacking in food storage plans. You can buy a waxed wheel of cheese and store it (i.e. Age it) for years if you have a wine cellar. That's a bit pricey and inconvenient, but if you're wealthy enough to have a wine cellar, you can definitely afford a 50-pound wheel of cheese - and you won't mind tossing away approximately half of it when it moulds over after you cut it open.

For those of us on a tighter budget, authentic Cheddar Cheese is now available in a can!!! "Processed Cheddar Cheese" is its technical name.

However, based on the ingredients and the taste, you'll believe it's genuine Wisconsin-made cheese! Make no mistake: this isn't liquid or semi-solid cheese; it's real cheddar cheese, the kind you'd get in the deli section of your local supermarket.

This cheese has no expiration date and can be kept for up to 15 years which makes it perfect for long-term food storage. It's made in Australia for people who don't have access to refrigeration, such as many campers, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Because this canned cheddar cheese is kept in a hygienic environment, it can be preserved and used indefinitely. Gourmet cheeses are matured in cellars for years to increase their flavour.

Simply keep it cool, preserve it from freezing like you would any other cheese, and keep the cans away from moisture that could cause surface rusting.

Bega Canned Cheese uses:

For sandwiches, pizzas, lasagna, or meatloaf, Bega canned cheese can be chopped, grated, or sliced into thin slices. It's just like any other cheese, and it's delicious in sandwiches, omelettes, and on its own.

Our customers adore Bega's excellent cheese, which they use for everyday meals, camping, sailing (sailors love it), and as a long-term storable food to keep on hand in case of disaster.

What else do you need, now you can always carry cheese on your outdoor adventures and can enjoy your cheesy meals anywhere anytime.

Buy this bega canned cheese now.

Shelf life of bega canned cheese:

This Bega canned cheese does not have an expiration date. It's packaged in Australia for people who don't have access to a refrigerator or people who are always on different adventures like Trekking, Camping, Sailboats etc.

Gourmet cheeses are kept for years in cellars to enhance their flavour; there's no reason this canned cheddar cheese can't be stored and eaten indefinitely because it's sealed in a hygienic environment. Simply keep it cool, preserve it from freezing like you would any other cheese, and keep the cans away from moisture that could cause surface rusting.

Ingredients of bega canned cheese:

Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Culture, Rennet (calf or non-animal), Water, Emulsifier (331), Butter (Cream, Water Salt), Salt, Acidity Regulators (330, 339), Preservative (234), Nisin max. 12.5mg/Kg, Min FDM 45%. Max. Moisture 49%.

1. If kept in a cool, dry area, how long will food remain safe to eat?

2-year shelf life is the official estimated lifespan. However, customers have reported that products stored in optimal conditions have a significantly longer shelf life than this estimation.

2. What does Bega cheese taste like?

Harvati cheese has a soft and creamy texture, like that of mild cheddar. It is firm enough to be easily cut and shredded.

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