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SPORTEA - Energy Tea

Sportea is a dynamic energy tea that beckons those seeking a vibrant, refreshing boost without compromising health. Say goodbye to coffee, soda, alcohol, sugary drinks and choose a healthier option that appeals to people who like to do things and need energy.

Nature's Goodness in Every Sip

Sport tea boasts an exceptional blend of nature's finest elements. Immerse yourself in the spirited fusion of Siberian eleuthero root, zesty ginger, brazilian mate and a thoughtful infusion of vitalizing vitamins. This well-balanced hot tea drink has a lot of wellness benefits.

Brewing Delight: Citrusy Sojourn

the anticipation as you steep the tea bag in hot water, allowing the flavours to unfurl over 3 to 5 minutes. Or, if you prefer a refreshing twist, serve it over ice for an energize citrus-infused experience. 


Sportea seamlessly aligns with the aspirations of wellness enthusiasts and energy seekers alike. It effortlessly finds its place in-demand "wellness box" and takes its position of honour among the exclusive selection of "energy tea" marvels. It's more than a beverage.

The Uniqueness that Fuels Popularity

What sets Sport tea apart is not just its blend but the sum of its benefits. Its one-of-a-kind fusion speaks directly to the hearts of consumers who yearn for refreshment and vigour.