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MotoTec Vulcan 48v 1600w Electric Scooter Black

MotoTec Vulcan 48v 1600w Electric Scooter Black

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Introducing the MotoTec Vulcan 48v 1600w Electric Scooter Black, the perfect choice for adults seeking both power and style in their electric scooter. With its sleek and modern design, this foldable scooter is a true head-turner. The MotoTec Vulcan comes with ergonomic shapes and dual headlights, adding a touch of elegance to its overall appearance. Its metal deck, front and rear suspension, and fat wheels give it an attitude that cannot be ignored.

What truly sets the MotoTec Vulcan apart is its impressive performance. Equipped with a high-powered 1600 watt 48 volt motor, this scooter delivers generous torque and speed, making it capable of conquering any type of terrain. Whether you're cruising through city streets or venturing off-road, this scooter can handle it all.

Safety is paramount, which is why the MotoTec Vulcan is UL 2272 certified. This means it meets the highest standards for electrical and fire safety. With a twist throttle and a maximum rider weight of 310 lbs, this scooter is suitable for riders aged 13 years and above.

The MotoTec Vulcan offers a range of 10-20 miles per charge in optimal conditions, allowing you to explore without worrying about running out of battery. It can reach top speeds of 28-31 MPH, providing a thrilling ride every time. The charge time is approximately 4-6 hours, ensuring that you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the open road.

This electric scooter also includes a seat for added comfort during longer rides. The single front and dual rear shocks provide superior suspension, minimizing bumps and ensuring a smooth journey. The inclusion of headlights and a horn adds to your safety by enhancing visibility and alerting others to your presence.

Technical Details:

  1. Motor:

    • Type: Brushless

    • Power: 1600W

    • Voltage: 48V

  2. Battery:

    • Type: Four 12V/12Ah Lead-Acid (48V Total)

    • Certification: UL 2272 Certified

  3. Controls:

    • Throttle: Twist

  4. Performance:

    • Max Rider Weight: 310 lbs

    • Recommended Age: 13+ Years Old

    • Top Speed: 28-31 MPH

    • Range Per Charge: 10-20 miles in optimum conditions

    • Charge Time: 4-6 hrs

  5. Structure:

    • Frame: High-tensile steel

    • Deck: Metal

    • Folding: Yes

  6. Tires:

    • Size: 145/70-6 (Qinda)

  7. Suspension:

    • Shocks: Single Front, Dual Rear

  8. Safety Features:

    • Brake: Front and Rear Disc

    • Horn: Yes

    • Headlights: Yes

  9. Additional Features:

    • Seat Included: Yes

    • Final Transmission: Chain

  10. Dimensions and Weight:

  • Box Size: 55x15x24 inches

  • Box Weight: 146 lbs

  • Scooter Size: 52x25x46 inches

  • Scooter Weight: 143 lbs

  1. Warranty:

    • Warranty Period: 60 days parts replacement

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