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Bundles- Thyroki & Safecastle tool kit

Bundles- Thyroki & Safecastle tool kit

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Thyroki Features

 130mg, 150 tablets of Potassium Iodide in this Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, LE Certified Dietary Supplement protect the thyroid gland from radiation. Best taken within hours of exposure, the tablets provide an effective treatment for iodine deficiency & safeguard against nuclear accidents or weapons.

This Bundles includes a Safecastle tool kit offers everything you need for survival and convenience. It includes a Safecastle ToolKit Multitool kit Bottle or Can opener Card Size Gadget Wallet Set 46 in 1 Pocket Kit Stainless Steel, designed specifically for men. One of a kind, it features screwdriver, ruler, hex wrenches, cutter, can and bottle opener, letter opener, nail puller, wire cutter, cable bender, smartphone slot, dividers, and other items for your camping survival kit. All conveniently carried in your wallet or credit card holder.


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