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Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water - Pallet of 2,400 Cans (100 Cases)

Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water - Pallet of 2,400 Cans (100 Cases)

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Are you searching for a reliable water supply for your business or organization? Look no further than Blue Can Water, offering a pallet of 100 cases (2,400 cans) of emergency drinking water. Each can of Blue Can Water boasts an exceptional 50-year shelf life, providing unmatched longevity and reliability for your water storage needs.
Ensure long-term emergency preparedness with a pallet of Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water, containing 2,400 12-ounce aluminum cans (equivalent to 225 US Gallons) across 100 cases. Each can features an incredible 50-year shelf life, providing a reliable and sustainable water storage solution for any contingency.

Unmatched Purity and Protection

Blue Can Water undergoes rigorous filtration and purification processes, boasting a purity level of less than one part-per-million of dissolved solids. Every can is pressurized during the canning process to eliminate oxygen before hermetically sealing, offering protection from UV light and contaminants. The shelf life of Blue Can Water is proportional to that of the aluminum container itself, ensuring long-lasting freshness.

Advanced Manufacturing Standards

Exceeding FDA regulations and industry standards, Blue Can Water is manufactured with state-of-the-art processes. Unlike steel or tin, the aluminum cans resist rust, maintaining the water's integrity over time. Each can is lined with an epoxy coating to prevent contact between the water and metal, ensuring BPA-free purity.

Multi-Stage Purification Process

Blue Can Water is sterilized, purified, and disinfected through a meticulous 12-step process. This includes active-charcoal filtration, dual reserve osmosis under high pressure, micron trapping, UV light treatment, pH balancing, and nitrogen gas preservation to enhance cell absorption.

Environmental Sustainability

Committed to eco-friendly practices, Blue Can Water features BPA-free packaging and remains at a neutral pH to preserve the epoxy coating and water quality.

Storage and Handling

Store Blue Can Water between 33°F (0°C) and 145°F (55°C) for optimal quality. The cans are designed for easy opening and require no rotation due to their extended shelf life.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Number of Cases 100
Cans per Case 24
Size of Can 12 ounces
Storage Temperature Between 33°F and 145°F
Pallet Pack Size 100 Cases / 2,400 individual units
Gallons Per Pallet 225
Pallet Dimensions 48"L x 40"W x 64"H
Pallet Configurations 9 cases/layer x 11 layers + 1 case in middle chute
Pallet Weight 2040 lbs.
Height By Layer 11"

Prepare for emergencies with confidence using Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water—a superior choice for sustained water storage and peace of mind.

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