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Future Essentials Small White Navy Beans

Future Essentials Small White Navy Beans

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Canned Small White Navy Beans

Item Weight  80 oz per can (2.2kg)
Case Dimension  14 x 13 x 7.17 inches
Case Weight  480 oz (30 Pounds) (13kg)
Number of items 6 Cans 
Can Size #10
Shelf Life
25 years

Future Essentials Small White Navy Beans are an affordable and healthy way to increase their protein and fiber intake in their diet. They are also ideal for long-term storage or as an option for vegetarian or vegan protein sources.

Benefits :

  • Navy beans provide an abundance of proteins, fibers, iron, potassium, and magnesium while being low in fat and calories.

  • Their affordability and convenience also make them exceptional - easy preparation methods to save time and money!

  • Navy beans have an extended shelf life, making them an excellent way to store up for future use.

  • These legumes offer plenty of plant-based proteins, making them a suitable source of plant protein for vegans and vegetarians.

Each can contain 5 pounds of the finest Small White Beans we could source in an oxygen and moisture-free environment, all 100% US Procured, Produced, and canned within the last 30 days. Each can is sealed tightly to preserve its freshness.

Beans have long been considered one of the world's oldest foods. Bans remain one of the earliest food crops ever grown here, first domesticated around 7,000 years ago in both the Peruvian Andes and southern Mexico.

Aztec, Mayan, and Toltec Indians developed white bean varieties with white seeds or black ones with various patterns and hues; similarly, the Incas in the Andes created lively, large-seeded bean varieties in vibrant shades.

How to use: 

  • For best results when cooking navy beans, soak them for at least 8 hours (preferably overnight), drain, rinse, and put in a pot with enough water to cover.

  • Bring it all to a boil before turning it to low and simmer for 1 - 2 hours until the beans have reached tenderness.

  • Navy beans can be used in various dishes, from soups to stews to salads and burritos. Navy beans also make great vegan or vegetarian recipes!

Beans are one of the most nutritionally complete foods available, providing high quantities of protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and soluble fiber.

Beans have long been recognized for their healthful benefits to people of all ages. Packed full of complex carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, and folate, as well as rich in essential vitamins and minerals, beans make a crucial component in any healthy diet while being cholesterol-free and low in fat content.

Future Essentials has developed this product to help protect you and your family during times of uncertainty.

With these beans, you can eat what you store - for maximum freshness and ease of rotation!

Freeze-dried, Dehydrated, and air-dried foods tend to be cheaper than their wet-pack counterparts because you aren't paying for all that extra water.

Air Drying/Dehydrating provides excellent flavor and nutritional food value! Air dehydration allows natural, additive-free food products to be stored for extended periods without preservatives or additives - perfect for anyone wanting a long shelf life in their pantry!

Bulk storage of grains and beans provides an efficient way to store and consume food products.

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