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Survival Cave Full Case of Canned Pork - 12 Cans, 60 Servings, 14.5 oz Each.

Survival Cave Full Case of Canned Pork - 12 Cans, 60 Servings, 14.5 oz Each.

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Key Information About Survival Cave Canned Pork for Food Storage:

  1. Ideal for Long-Term Food Storage: This product is designed to enhance your long-term food storage plan. It consists of canned pork, a valuable source of essential protein for emergency situations.

  2. Quality Assurance: Survival Cave is committed to providing top-quality canned meats that are suitable for any food storage program. Their meats are meticulously hand-packed in manageable 14.5 oz cans.

  3. Impressive Shelf Life: Survival Cave's canned meats stand out due to their extended shelf life. These meats are prepared using a unique slow-pressure cooking method at a low temperature of 240 degrees, ensuring they have no expiration date.

  4. What You Receive: Each order includes 12 cans, with each can containing 14.5 ounces of pork. These cans contain no water or broth, only the natural juices from the meat, resulting in nearly 11 pounds of mouthwatering, healthy, and hand-packed cooked pork.

  5. Tailored for Long-Term Storage: These meats are designed to provide maximum value for your food storage needs. They are hand-packed and not mechanically separated, and absolutely no water or broth is added. This guarantees that what you purchase is pure meat. The contents of these cans are ready to eat and can be used in a wide variety of dishes just like freshly cooked meat.

  6. All-Natural Quality: Survival Cave's canned storage meats are entirely natural and free from MSG, additives, fillers, or chemicals. They are low in sodium, low in fat, and a wholesome option for your family. These canned meats are produced using 100% USDA-inspected meats, ensuring top quality.

  7. Cost-Effective Choice: Survival Cave Food's long-term canned meats are not only affordable but also have an impressive shelf life, making them a smart investment in food. With food prices on the rise, these canned meats are an excellent choice for both enjoyment and preparedness.

In summary, Survival Cave Food's canned pork is an exceptional addition to your food storage plan, offering long shelf life, high-quality natural ingredients, and cost-effectiveness for a variety of culinary uses.

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