XMRE LITE - 12 Case with No Heaters (MRE)

$101.99 $143.00

Win the battle against hunger. - XMRE MRE Food Supply are Meals Ready to Eat full of nutrition and flavor. Each meal comes with a military entrÉe, bread item, peanut butter, jelly and an accessory kit including spoon, napkin, salt, pepper, hot sauce & moist towelette. These lightweight and waterproof MREs are the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preparedness or anyone who is planning for a situation where they need to eat food on the go. Fully cooked, ready to eat meals; No water or refrigeration required; Extended shelf life depending on storage condition; 12 meals per case; Variety of beef, chicken and vegetarian entrees (selection may vary); Comes with utensils and condiments; XMRE products are made in the USA.

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