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Caledonian Kitchen Haggis With Sirloin Beef, 14.5-Ounce Cans

Caledonian Kitchen Haggis With Sirloin Beef, 14.5-Ounce Cans

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Haggis tastes a lot like corned-beef hash. Caledonian kitchen haggis is prepared using only the freshest ingredients. The secret to the superb quality of our haggis is the meticulous attention we give to both cooking methods and choice of ingredients, such as our use Choice Sirloin and Beef Liver. Caledonian Kitchen Haggis is made with all those things that others don't take the time to bother with. Caledonian Kitchen was honored to compete with some of the giants of haggis-making in Scotland Magazine's haggis competition held at the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland. In 2005 it was featured in Saveur Magazine, where it was deemed " Worthy of Robert Burns."


  • Traditional Scottish haggis crafted in the US
  • Available in Sirloin and Highland Beef from a private championship American herd.
  • Other ingredients: Re-hydrated Oats, Refined Beef Suet, water, onions and spices
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, MSG or Pork Fat
  • A Scottish delicacy enjoyed around the world
  • Just Heat and Serve

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Haggis Ingredients Sirloin Beef, Hydrated Pin Oats, Water, Refined Beef Suet, Liver, Spices, and Onions.


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