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Augason Farms Emergency Food Dehydrated Apple Slices, 19.2 oz

Augason Farms Emergency Food Dehydrated Apple Slices, 19.2 oz

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Augason Farms brings you the delicious taste of apples in a convenient, long-lasting package with our Dehydrated Apple Slices. This #10 Can pack a whopping 1 lb 3 oz of sliced apples, perfect for enjoying on their own, adding to recipes, or keeping on hand for emergencies.

The #10 can feature a convenient resealable lid, ensuring your apple slices stay fresh and protected from moisture and air exposure. This minimizes waste and maximizes enjoyment.


  • Made from 100% real apples

  • No added sugar or preservatives, Gluten-free

  • Excellent source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C

  • Ready to eat – no peeling, washing, or slicing required

  • Long shelf life – up to 25 years unopened (when stored properly)

  • Serving size: 20 (10 cups)

  • Calories per serving: 60

  • Packed in a BPA-free can

  • Store in a cool, dry place (ideally between 55°F and 70°F)

Snacking and Recipe Possibilities:

Homemade Granola

Muffins & Quick Breads

Apple Pies & Crisps

Trail Mix

Salads (add a touch of sweetness!)

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated apple slices (apples, sodium sulfite).

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