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Heaven's Harvest Survival Breakfast Kit 12-Pack | Emergency Food

Heaven's Harvest Survival Breakfast Kit 12-Pack | Emergency Food

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12 Breakfasts Survival Kit

Our Survival Breakfast Kit has been designed to go with the Survival Entree Kit. This consists of five simple-to-make breakfast meals with a combined 1248 servings containing the essential calories and nutrients. As well as this, you get snacks that can be eaten right away or taken with you on the move.

Kit Includes:

  • Multi-Grain Cereal - 36 Packs; 6 Portions in each = 216 total helpings

  • Granola - 36 Pouches; Each with 6 Servings = 216 total servings

  • Brown Sugar Oatmeal - 36 Pouches; Each with 6 Servings = 216 total servings

  • Pancake Mix - 36 Pouches; 6 Servings in each = 216 total helpings

  • BONUS Grade A Nonfat Dry Milk - 36 Pouches; 16 portions in each = 384 total servings

Additional Information:

  • 205,200 Calories

  • 1,248 Individual Servings

  • All food is freeze-dried

  • 25 year shelf life

  • Pouches of each variety are sealed separately

  • TWELVE, 4-gallon buckets with handles for easy storage or movement in the event of an emergency

  • Bucket Dimensions are 11" x 11" x 14"

  • The combined weight of buckets is around 144 pounds

  • All food is NON-GMO and made in the USA!

Getting Ready:

Approximately 1 cup of water is necessary for each portion.

There is no need to rush; Heaven's Harvest foods can be reconstituted with any temperature water. Nevertheless, hot water can speed up the process, reducing reconstitution to approximately 15 minutes.

Unpack the food pouch, remove the oxygen absorber, pour in some water, wait for it to reconstitute, and then it's ready to be eaten.

Guidance is located on the back side of each pouch.

There needs to be more than the 12 Pack Breakfast Kit to provide a complete diet for 12 months. It must be paired with a Survival Entrée Bucket and a Protein Booster Bucket to achieve a comprehensive and balanced meal plan. For three months, see our 12-Month Survival Combo Kit.

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