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1 Month Combo Kit By Heaven's Harvest

1 Month Combo Kit By Heaven's Harvest

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This calorie-rich survival kit is designed to provide sustenance for different scenarios: it can support one person for a month, two people for two weeks, or four people for one week. Freeze-dried food buckets are essential to have readily available in case of emergency situations. The 1 Month Combo Kit offers a diverse selection of food items, all securely packaged in mylar-foil pouches, and sealed within three food-grade buckets, each with a capacity of 4 gallons.

A total of 308 servings! - 1 Entree Bucket, 1 Protein Booster Bucket, and 1 Breakfast Bucket in this calorie packed kit will provide enough food for one person for one month, two people for two weeks, or four individuals for one week. Combo Kit Includes: Entree Kit Stroganoff - 6 Servings Pasta Alfredo - 6 Servings Mac n Cheese - 6 Servings Teriyaki Rice- 6 Servings Enchilada, Beans & Rice - 6 Servings Loaded Baked Potato Casserole - 6 Servings Pasta Primavera - 6 Servings Chili Mac - 6 Servings Cheddar Broccoli Soup - 6 Servings Cheesy Potato Soup - 6 Servings Chicken & Rice Soup - 6 Servings Cheesy Lasagna - 6 Servings Protein Kit Whole Powdered Eggs - 72 Servings Freeze Dried Diced Chicken Breast - 30 Servings Freeze Dried Ground Beef - 30 Servings Breakfast Kit Multi-Grain Cereal - 18 total servings Granola - 18 total servings Brown Sugar Oatmeal - 18 total servings Pancake Mix - 18 total servings Grade A Nonfat Dry Milk - 32 total servings

Further Product Details:

  • 48,480 Calories

  • 308 Total Servings

  • All servings are freeze-dried

  • 25 year shelf life

  • Beef and Chicken have 15 year shelf life

  • Protein Servings are Gluten Free

  • Each food variety is sealed individually in Mylar pouches

  • 3, 4-gallon stackable buckets with handles for convenient storage or transportation in an emergency situation

  • Bucket Dimensions are 11" x 11" x 14"

  • Total weight of buckets is approximately 30 pounds

  • All food is made in the USA!

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