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Preparedness Supplies, Survival Gear & More

At Safecastle we are committed to helping equip U.S. and international customers with the survival gear, long-term food storage supplies, and shelter products needed to be prepared for the many unplanned events that are possible in a world growing more chaotic. From long-term storage food, lights, and other survival tools to more specialized gear such as folding bikes, trailers, solar power generators, and steel-plate shelters, we provide the necessities. We are the reliable and trustworthy preparedness resource you need to be ready for most any curveball thrown your way.

We only offer products of the highest quality because we understand that our customers and club members will rely on these survival supplies in the direst situations. You need to know that your gear can stand up to the most extreme tests. At Safecastle we offer several hundred key products, many of them unique, and each of them must meet our rigid standards of quality.

Safecastle Royal Buyers Club

Join our Buyers Club to get your best prices on our listings. In a nutshell, U.S. Safecastle Royal Buyers Club members pay annual fee of $29 to join. For that small fee you receive an annual membership. You benefit from special discounts on many products in our survival shop. You also enjoy expedited shipping to the continental United States all the time as well as a range of special incentives, freebies, and promotional opportunities as they become available, such as our member reward programs.

Don’t wait to get your preparations in order. The clock is ticking. You can feel the future. Take a look through our survival store and find the products that will deliver true peace of mind. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.
 Simon Black