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Black Berkey Primer

Black Berkey Primer

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Berkey Filter Primer

Prime your Black Berkey Filters effortlessly with the Black Berkey Primer. No need for a faucet or water pressure – simply use the hand-powered pump to saturate the filters. This primer tool is a fantastic alternative for those with oversized faucets or shallow sinks that don't accommodate traditional priming methods. 

Not only does the Black Berkey Primer prime your filters, but it also allows you to purge them effortlessly. By forcing air through the filter instead of water, you can effectively clean out the micropores of the carbon filter.

This process removes any debris that may have accumulated from use or poor-quality source water, ensuring optimal filter performance. And purging the filters speeds up the drying process, making long-term storage a breeze.

Proudly made and assembled in the USA

Instruction Manual

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1. How does the Black Berkey Primer work? 

A pressure gradient in the Berkey Primer draws water into the center of the attached filter, allowing it to be saturated with water.

 2. Why do you need a Black Berkey Primer?

When priming the filters, there is a solution for those who struggle with Priming Button, Prime Rite, or soaking. If packing up and storing filters frequently, waiting for them to completely dry is time-consuming. The primer tool also dries out filters faster than letting them air dry.  

3. How to clean and store the Black Berkey Primer?

Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. Best to store in a cool, dark, dry area. Use mild dish soap and warm water solution to clean all components of the primer.

 4. Will the Black Berkey Primer work with non-Berkey filters?

It is specifically designed for Black Berkey Filters.

 5. Where is the Black Berkey Primer made?

Yes, 100% is American made.

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