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Who is Venom?

Character history

Various characters in the Marvel universe have received the nickname Venom . The public first encountered him in the comic book "The Amazing Spider-Man", published in the spring of 1988. An unprecedented creature inhabited the body of Eddie Brock and appeared as a parasitic symbiote that used people for its own purposes.

Who is Venom?

History of creation

Venom is called a parasite because it uses humans as a food source. An alien from another galaxy is aggressive. The character was originally called the Secret Warrior, and his character was not developed in detail. The hero was created by David Michelini and Todd McFarlane. He appeared before readers in a clash with Peter Parker at the end of the universe. Spider-Man then fought against the cosmic superintelligence that had enslaved all the superheroes. With the help of the embodiment of thoughts, the hero created a black substance that absorbed him and venom dunking into his body. 

The character gained a new black suit, greater strength and self-confidence. He no longer changed clothes or used special mechanisms to shoot webs. Parker managed to resist the symbiote that captured him. With the help of Mister Fantastic and the ringing of bells as a method of influence, he managed to expel Venom from himself at great risk to his own life.

Venom's next victim was Eddie Brock. The journalist, who was not distinguished by decency, slandered the hero of his article, saying that he was a murderer. Spider-Man found the true culprit of the crime, and Brock was fired for deception. Venom later moved into other bodies, but Eddie Brock was the first to experience his corrupting influence. The character has been repeatedly used by Marvel artists; in comics, Venom - his alter ego - interacted with Iron Man and Captain America , Flash and other famous personalities.


Eddie Brock Jr. was known as Venom and Anti-Venom, and was subsequently introduced to the public as Toxin. As a boy he lived in San Francisco. His family was not prosperous. The mother died in childbirth, the father did not participate in raising the child, although Eddie tried in every possible way to win his favor.

At a young age, he studied well, was interested in sports, but did not achieve praise, despite the fact that his height and abilities were conducive to serious achievements. The talent of a journalist appeared before entering college, and, inspired by a new idea, the young man successfully completed his studies. He got a job at a prestigious magazine, got married, but his father complex remained with him forever.

The turning point in Brock's life was the diagnosis of cancer made by doctors. The man threw himself into his work so as not to torment himself with gloomy thoughts. He began investigating the serial crimes of a killer nicknamed the Sin Eater. An interview by Eddie was published in the magazine, but Spider-Man caught the real criminal, proving that the journalist had slandered an innocent person. The scandal surrounding this event caused the hero's dismissal from the publishing house. He moved to a small newspaper and returned to sports.

Depression and negativity provoked a separation from his wife, and failures on all fronts broke the hero. He thought about suicide and before an important step decided to go to church. There he was overtaken by the symbiote, attracted by the high level of adrenaline in the man’s blood. For Brock, the appearance of the symbiote became a salvation. The alien, having acquired a new body, decided to take revenge on Spider-Man. Under the name Venom, he endowed his new owner with superpowers and committed terrible crimes.

After several fights with Peter Parker, Brock was separated from the symbiote and went to prison. The parasite figured out its owner and helped him escape. The alien possessed a part of him in Cletus Kasady ( Carnage ), a psychotic killer. In the future, he will become Venom's main enemy. Spider-Man, attacked by a powerful enemy, was forced to fake his death. The next meeting of the heroes takes place to join forces against Cletus Kasady. As a result of the battle, Peter Parker and Venom conclude a truce.

Subsequently, Brock, under the influence of the parasite, protects the inhabitants inhabiting the underground city, fights stalkers and other symbiotes, and government services. Overwhelmed by personal ambitions, he does not lose hope of restoring his personal life.

A new fight with Spider-Man occurs after Eddie's ex-wife encounters Spider-Man in a black suit. Her suicide creates hatred in Brock's soul. In an attempt to kill Spider-Man, Eddie Brock is accidentally separated from the symbiote. The parasite regards him as a weakling and is looking for a new victim, but Peter Parker reunites his “partners” to save Brock’s life. To end his torment, Eddie sells the symbiote.

In the new storyline of Marvel comics, he became Anti-Venom, a friend of Spider-Man. Now Eddie fights crime in a duo with his assistant, Jenna. Brock was a member of the Avengers team led by Wonder Man. In the Spider-Island comic, Antivenom helped people get rid of new abilities like those possessed by Spider-Man. After this, Eddie Brock became a hero in the eyes of others.

He opposed the symbiotes and tried to kill Venom. Over the course of several twists and turns, Eddie Brock's offspring, Toxin, was implanted in Eddie Brock's body. Under his control, the man joined the Wild Six squad.

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Venom's Journey to the Big Screen

Screen adaptation

The road to Venom's big-screen debut was a long and winding one. The character's first live-action appearance came in Sam Raimi's 2007 Spider-Man 3, played by Topher Grace. However, this portrayal was widely criticized for its deviations from the comic book source material. A Venom solo film was reportedly in development as early as 2008, but various challenges prevented the project from moving forward.

In 2017, Sony Pictures, which holds the film rights to Spider-Man, announced a new Venom spin-off film, with Tom Hardy attached to play the titular role. This film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, aimed to provide a more faithful adaptation of the character while also establishing a distinct cinematic universe separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The 2018 Venom Film

The 2018 Venom film took a more comedic and lighthearted approach to the character than previous portrayals. Hardy's performance captured Venom's complex duality, balancing the character's menacing nature with a surprising touch of humor. The film also explored the evolving relationship between Eddie Brock, Venom's human host, and the alien symbiote, highlighting the challenges and benefits of their symbiotic bond.

Venom's Impact on Popular Culture

The success of the 2018 Venom film paved the way for a sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which was released in 2021. The film continued to explore the relationship between Eddie and Venom, introducing a new villain, Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. Venom: Let There Be Carnage was another commercial success, grossing over $507 million worldwide.

Filming for the third part of “Venom” has resumed; it will be the last in the story of Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote, actor Tom Hardy announced on his social media pages.

“Last dance. Fortunately, we are back to filming. I want to take a moment to thank all the teams that traveled from the first part to here, all our fantastic cast and crew, good friends and family, we've come a long way. This journey always has difficult turns when we work, but it's not so hard when you love what you do,” Hardy wrote.

The release of the third "Venom" is scheduled for November 8, 2024. Initially, the premiere was supposed to take place in July 2024, but filming was suspended due to the actors' strike.

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