Puravai Emergency Water Storage (Pack of 6) **CERTIFIED 100% BACTERIA FREE**/20 year shelf life


Emergency Water storage packaged in reusable, bacteria free bottles. Pack of 6 -1 liter bottles. 20 year shelf life. Bottle is reusable.

Emergency Drinking Water is filtered, purified and then triple sealed using the highest standards, to ensure your water stays 100% BACTERIA FREE and ready to drink.

Puravai is the only Certified 100% Bacteria Free emergency drinking water in the preparedness market. Puravai is manufactured and water sourced in the USA!UP TO 20-YEAR SHELF LIFE. Packaged in 6 packs of HDPE #2 and BPA Free, 1-liter bottles are completely recycleable.High Density Puravai Bottles, are extremely durable - built for the unpredictability of emergency situations you can drop, scrape, or bump them and your water stays protected. Bottles are waterproof and will float.

MADE OF U.S. MILITARY CANTEEN MATERIAL. Made of the same material as U.S. military canteens, Puravai bottles and have a lid which can be twisted on and off. Contains enough water to sustain someone for 24 hours – unlike pouches, cans or boxes.


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