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Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter For Canada

Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter For Canada

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Brand Katadyn
Product Dimensions 10L x 2.4W x 2.4H Centimetres
Material Aluminum
Capacity 50 liters
Power source Hand Pump


Product Description:

  • Specifically crafted for outdoor enthusiasts and globetrotters, this pocket-sized water filter is a must-have.
  • The filter boasts a silver-impregnated ceramic element that effectively combats bacteria and protozoa, ensuring your water is safe to drink.
  • With the ability to filter out all microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns, this device produces clear and potable water.
  • Its round pump handle makes pumping effortless, and the outlet hose easily attaches to containers using a clip.
  • Compact and portable, it measures 2.4 by 10 inches and delivers a one-quart-per-minute output.
  • Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Product Description:

Introducing the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter – The Classic Choice

This durable water filter, crafted from heavy-duty materials, is designed for extended, reliable use even in the harshest conditions. Featuring a silver-impregnated ceramic element, it effectively combats bacteria and protozoa. Notably, the Katadyn Pocket stands out as the only water filter backed by a 20-year warranty. Included in the package are a prefilter, bottle clip, and a convenient carry bag.

Product Article Number: 2010000

From the manufacturer


Pocket Water Filter


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable Construction
  • Trusted



About Katadyn Products

Katadyn’s unique products provide safety and convenience for many user groups including militaries, health organizations, and outdoor adventurers worldwide. Katadyn provides you with a water system for every need – including traveling, camping, backpacking, sailing, paddling, fishing, and biking.

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

Emergency Preparedness Water Filter

Made of the highest quality construction, this robust water filter is ideal for long lasting continuous use, even under extreme circumstances. The filter’s silver impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa, using a Micro Filtration method. Up to 1 quart (1 liter)/minute Cartridge Capacity, up to 13,000 gallons (50,000 liters), depending on water quality. The Pocket Water filter is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, international travelers, and the U.S. Military.

  • Round pump handle for easy pumping
  • Includes: Hydration Accessory, Prefilter, Bottle Clip, Carry Bag, Measuring Gauge and Cleaning Pad
  • Weight: 20 oz, Height: 10”

Filters all sediment, particles, and microorganisms that are found in ‘fresh’ water sources.

Cartridge can clean up to approx. 13,000 gallons (50,000 liters) of water, depending on the condition of the water.





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