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Emergency Preparedness for Canadians

Are You Prepared for Emergencies? No matter whether it be natural disasters, power outages or Financial crisis - being prepared is vitally important. Make sure that you and your family have all of the supplies necessary for survival!

Our emergency preparedness store offers everything you need for any situation - food, water, mres and survival gear are just a few products available in store.


Long-Term Food Storage: Our long-term food storage products can keep your family fed during an emergency, with freeze-dried, dehydrated, and canned foods that provide long-term food supplies.

Water filters: We also offer a selection of water filters products such as berkey, katadyn to help ensure you have enough for at least three days' drinking water supply.

Other supplies: We offer emergency preparedness supplies like radiation detectors, solar chargers, and health supplements that may be useful.

We also offer free shipping on all Orders Don't put off getting prepared - act now!

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