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                    Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods

At Safecastle we offer a wide range of Mountain House freeze dried food that you can use to build your long-term food storage and prepare for unforeseeable events. Mountain House foods are freeze dried to retain fresh flavor as well as nutritional value. We make it easy to build your supplies. Whether you are looking to start your food storage efforts with some the lightweight 10-year + pouches, great for camping, or you prefer the longer-term solution of our 30-year Mountain House cans, we will work closely with you to ensure you get everything you need.

Slowly build your storage or get it all done at once, we can help either way. We do offer bundle and kit deals so you can get everything you need all at once. We can even help you get years' worth of Mountain House meals at one time, so you can quickly stock your shelves and be immediately ready for any unfortunate circumstances. At Safecastle we are dedicated to providing a great customer experience. We understand that you are looking for peace of mind, and we can supply all the items you need to get the security you want. Whether you want to add a few Mountain House #10 cans of food to your stock or start off with a much larger investment, we will make sure you get the freeze dried foods you need.

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