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Mountain Essentials 120-Serving Freeze-Dried Meat Kit (Pack of 12) - Emergency Food Supply - Long Shelf Stable

Mountain Essentials 120-Serving Freeze-Dried Meat Kit (Pack of 12) - Emergency Food Supply - Long Shelf Stable

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The Mountain Essentials 120-Serving Freeze-Dried Meat Kit is your all-in-one solution for high-protein, emergency food storage, and convenient backcountry meals. This comprehensive kit provides essential protein for up to 20 days, making it ideal for survival situations, camping trips, backpacking adventures, or simply keeping your pantry stocked for unexpected events.

Unbeatable Long-Term Storage:

This kit boasts a 7-year shelf life thanks to the freeze-drying process. This innovative technique removes moisture while preserving essential nutrients, flavor, and texture. Unlike other meat kits that deteriorate over time, your MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS kit remains ready for action, even after years in storage.

Total 2,988g Proteins:

Prepare for emergencies with a whopping 120 servings of premium freeze-dried meat with total 2,988 g proteins . Each kit contains 12 pouches - 4 pouches each of chicken dices, beef dices, and ground beef. Each pouch offers a generous 10 servings making it ideal for feeding a family, group, or yourself over an extended period.

Lightweight and Compact: 

Despite its impressive capacity, the MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS kit prioritizes practicality. The freeze-drying process significantly reduces weight and bulk. The entire kit weighs in at a manageable 7.93 lbs (3.59 kg), making it an essential addition to your survival pack, camping gear, or emergency stockpile without weighing you down.

Simple and Versatile Meal Prep:

Forget complicated camp cooking! These pre-cooked, freeze-dried food require minimal preparation. Simply add hot water to the pouch, rehydrate, and enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal. The versatile diced and ground formats make them perfect for backpacking meals, emergency rations, or as a base for stews, soups, and casseroles.

Features and Benefits: 

  • 120 Servings (20 Days of Supply)

  • Three Delicious Varieties: Chicken Dices, Beef Dices, Ground Beef (4 Pouches Each)

  • 10 Servings Per Pouch - Great for individual or group use

  • Made with 100% Natural Ingredients: No preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors

  • Long Shelf Life: Up to 7 years unopened. Store in a cool, dry place (55°F - 70°F) for best results. Actual shelf life may vary depending on storage conditions.

  • Lightweight & Compact

  • Fast & Easy Rehydration: Simply add hot water

  • Excellent Source of Protein: Essential for maintaining energy during emergencies or outdoor activities

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