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RADTriage 50 Personal Radiation Detector for Canada

RADTriage 50 Personal Radiation Detector for Canada

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Best Personal Radiation Detector by RADTriage

The RADTriage Radiation Detector for Canada is a personal dosimeter of U.S. Military quality designed to provide instant radiation exposure detection in critical situations such as dirty bomb incidents, nuclear reactor accidents like Fukushima and Chernobyl, and various radiation sources. This compact wallet card/badge radiation detector remains active at all times and does not necessitate battery replacement or calibration.

When exposed to harmful radiation levels, the sensor strip promptly darkens. The most recent iteration, known as Model 50 (the current model), initiates alerts at 50 milliSieverts (mSv). Our product underwent extensive testing, conducted by the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD), alongside other dosimeters, spanning nearly a two-year period. IMOD has chosen our dosimeter, and we have just received an initial order for 8,000 RADTriage units equipped with VLLD (Visual Lower Limit Detection) capabilities set at 50 mSv.

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