Quick Dam

Quick Dam QDFG35 FloodGate, Doorway Flood Guard, 35in-40in Openings, 35" to 40"- 14 Gates

$780.00 $960.00

About this item

    • One Quick Dam Flood Gate that fits doorways and openings 35-in to 40-in wide and blocks flood water
    • Flood Gates seal off doorways & stop flood water from entering. Can be used inside or outside to stop water in its path
    • Expandable Sturdy Steel Frame is Easy to use, Install, Store & Transport
    • This steel & neoprene frame expands to fit multiple size doorways & seals off the doorway in just minutes, with no alterations or fixations needed. Ideal for property managers, businesses, hotels & more.
    • Keep on hand for emergency situations and be prepared for the worst! Flood Gate can be installed in minutes and can be used year after year
    • Provides Flood Water protection up to 26-in High
    • Adjustable & expands to fit multiple doorway sizes. For larger openings, stanchions join units together
    • Use for flood emergency, construction, water way projects, fire dept., businesses, property management, gov't & more
    • Entryway remains accessible while in use
    • Neoprene Sleeve Creates Water Tight Seal

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