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1 FNIRSI Radiation Dosimeter with Safecastle Multipurpose Toolkit Card

1 FNIRSI Radiation Dosimeter with Safecastle Multipurpose Toolkit Card

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Introducing the FNIRSI GC-01 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector, a smart alarm device designed to keep you safe from harmful rays in your daily life. This multifunctional geiger counter offers a range of features and settings to ensure your safety and convenience.

One of the key features of the FNIRSI GC-01 is its smart alarm setting option. You can easily set the alarm thresholds for both the current dose and the accumulated dose. Whether the detector screen is in sleep mode or active, if the radiation dose detected exceeds the alarm threshold, the radiation monitor will automatically trigger an alarm. You can choose from three combined alarm modes: light, vibration, or sound, depending on your preferences.

In addition to the alarm setting, the FNIRSI GC-01 Geiger Counter offers various other settings to enhance your experience. You can set the system clock, change the unit of measurement, and even switch between English (default) and Chinese languages for the interface. The device is designed for easy one-handed operation, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

The working principle of the FNIRSI GC-01 is based on the Geiger-Miller counter. It utilizes a gas tube or small chamber as a probe to detect the intensity of ionizing radiation, including beta particles, gamma rays, and x-rays. When the voltage applied to the probe reaches a certain range, each interaction of radiation with the tube produces a pair of ions, which can be amplified to generate an electric pulse. The device records the number of radiation events per unit time, providing you with accurate measurements.

This geiger counter finds applications in various areas where ionizing radiation is present. It is commonly used in home improvement projects, geological surveys, iron inspections, nuclear power plants, industrial settings, radiology, and radiology laboratories, among others.

By using the FNIRSI GC-01 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector, you can stay informed about the radiation levels in your environment and take necessary precautions to protect yourself. Excessive radiation doses, such as those ranging from 2000-4000msv, can lead to a significant reduction in red and white blood cells in the human blood, potentially causing internal bleeding.

The pack contains the FNIRSI Radiation Dosimeter, which includes the geiger counter and its associated features, along with the Safecastle ToolKit Multitool kit, providing you with additional tools for your safety and convenience.

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