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Grandmas Country Cream Chocolate MilQ (Case of 6 cans)

$89.00 $165.00

6 #10 Cans of Chocolate MilQ

Country Cream Chocolate MilQ is Gourmet quality when used as a chocolate milk or as hot cocoa. Either way, you will be wondering how it could taste so good. A rich creamy texture that's better than any chocolate milk you can purchase at the store.

A special blend of powders including Dutch cocoa, non-fat dry milk, sugar and flavoring will keep you coming back for more.

Never worry about losing milk because you didn't drink it soon enough. Only make what you need and keep the can covered until you're ready to make it again. You can store this chocolate milk mix for up to 10 years if kept in a cool dry place.

Makes 18 quarts.

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