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Mountain House: What Package Type is Right for Me?

Whether you're out for a weekend at the lake, on an expedition to the Denali summit or preparing to have food on-hand in an emergency situation, we've got something that fits your need. Take a look below and see the different packaging types we have to offer.

Pouches, Pro-Paks & 1 Serving- Perfect for Outdoor Activities

For more than a generation, our Adventure Meals™ have fed daring explorers and fearless adventurers on the trail, on the mountain, and everywhere in between. They know our meals are not only delicious and hearty but provide the energy they need to take to the next level.

Our pouches come in three main varieties, regular, Pro-Pak, and 1 Serving. Each feature our fantastic 30 Year Taste Guarantee. Pro-Paks differ from our other pouches by being vacuum sealed for compactness and so they won't expand at altitude. They also contain slightly less food than our regular pouches, but on average, about a serving more than our 1 Serving.

Package Type: Pouch
Package Type: Pouch
Package Type: Pouch

#10 Cans and Kits - Great for Emergency Preparedness

Mountain House® freeze-dried meals aren't just for the great outdoors. They can be a lifesaver during emergencies like storms or power outages. Imagine the comfort of knowing you can have a hot, satisfying meal ready in less than 10 minutes even if you're without electricity for several days. With Mountain House meals on hand, all you need is a one-burner stove or candle to heat water and you can even use cold water in a pinch.

#10 Cans - 30 Year Shelf-Life

Mountain House® freeze-dried foods are packed in airtight #10 cans. Each of our cans has a protective enamel coating inside and out (including the lid), for double protection. At least 98% of the residual oxygen has been removed, meeting U.S. Military specifications. As a result, our #10 cans have the longest shelf life available: 30 years! We've been around for nearly 50 years and have actually tested our archived products, so we know first hand that our food will be protected until you are ready to use it. After opening, we recommend using the contents within 1 to 2 weeks for best results and taste, using the convenient re-sealable plastic lid between uses. Treat any leftover food as you would fresh food.

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