Reasons to Prepare

Why Prepare & Fortify?
Deep down, you know that serious crisis preparedness is the wise approach to life in the 21st century. If you're paying attention at all to current events, your instincts are being confirmed.

From personal crises to macro disasters, really bad stuff happens daily all over the world. The "safety nets" in place are rarely adequate to address serious issues that arise when one's family is struck down by circumstance. More and more folks are coming to the realization that there isn't a cavalry out there ready to come to your aid when needed. It's up to you. Are you ready?

Prepping for all potential crises is beyond the means of most folks, but in general, wise readiness can cover many bases required for post-event recovery. Do what is right for you. Achieve that special peace of mind when you have addressed the risks that most concern you.

A short list of reasons to prepare:

  • job loss
  • injury
  • criminal assault or theft
  • housefire
  • tornado
  • forest fire
  • hurricane
  • earthquake
  • winter storm
  • grid loss (power failure)
  • social upheaval (riots/anarchy)
  • economic crash
  • hyperinflation
  • acts or terror and war
  • industrial accident (chemical or nuclear)
  • pandemic
  • (after some internal debate, I'm not going to add zombies to the list, so a small image will have to do ...)

Why Prep with Safecastle?
7 reasons ...

In a nutshell ...

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7. When it comes down to it, what we provide is peace of mind. Our customers are completely comfortable with Safecastle and we are committed to helping Americans be ready for any crisis that lies ahead.