Safecastle Partnership Program


Wholesale Purchase Order Financing: We help you invest in inventory without upfront costs, fueling your business growth.

Market Analysis: Our analysts identify sales trends on platforms like Amazon, pinpointing future growth opportunities.

Custom Growth Strategies: We create tailored strategies leveraging our logistics expertise to expand your sales channels.


Multi-Channel Listings: We list and sell your products on various marketplaces, ensuring optimized and visible listings.

Custom Advertising: Our campaigns are designed to reach your target audience, boosting sales.

Proven Success: Our methods have driven significant sales growth for numerous e-commerce businesses.


Nationwide Fulfillment: Our seven fulfillment centers offer next-day delivery to 80% of the U.S., enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing cart abandonment.

Prime Status for LTL: Achieve Prime status for quicker delivery of previously slow items, improving customer service.

Returns Handling: Our Nebraska-based agents manage all returns efficiently, providing excellent customer support.


Data-Driven Strategies: Our team uses performance data to create strategies tailored to your business.

Dedicated Account Managers: You get specialized support from managers familiar with your product category.

Exclusive Programs: Participate in programs like Seller Fulfilled Prime and Walmart Pro Seller, gaining access to the latest initiatives.

Amazon Optimization: Our innovative platform maximizes your Amazon sales and protects your brand.

Transform Your E-commerce with Safecastle

This detailed approach helps you understand the comprehensive benefits of partnering with Safecastle, from financial support and market insights to multi-channel sales optimization, efficient logistics, and strategic growth initiatives.

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