NuManna Seasoned Ground Beef (Hamburger) Bucket 36 Meals - Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit, Separate Rations, in a Bucket, 25 Plus Year Shelf Life, GMO-Free

$209.99 $239.99

Freeze-Dried Seasoned Hamburger

NuManna’s Freeze Dried Seasoned Hamburger is 36 servings of USDA premium beef. Each serving is 25 grams of protein and an additional 115 calories. This is a great way to fuel your body in times of duress. Do not get caught with low energy when disaster strikes. NuManna’s buckets of freeze-dried ground beef are a healthy way to incorporate protein into your food storage program.

Our freeze-dried ground beef takes only minutes to prepare and delivers you and your family the protein your bodies need. Throw a couple servings into our chili, our soups, or our pasta dishes and add calories, protein and great taste to any NuManna meal. Whether you are preparing for an emergency or just need something easy for dinner tonight, grab some NuManna freeze-dried ground beef today.



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