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Planning an RV trip? Here’s What you should know before venturing on a holiday

Traveling by caravan has become increasingly popular because it offers certain freedoms. You can park the caravan whenever you want and almost anywhere, it would save you from the ever-increasing prices at the hotel. Last but not least, you can have the most exciting family vacation.

If the caravan holiday becomes a passion, it is worth analyzing whether it would be worth buying one. The investment is higher, but the money can be recouped over time by avoiding high hotel prices.

Another advantage is that you take your family and go out into the world without rules and obligations and even without worrying about money because you can cross the whole country from one end to the other, enjoying all the comfort of a holiday home with less money.

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What you should know before embarking on a caravan holiday?

If you choose to go on holiday with the caravan for the first time, you should know a few things about what you should prepare. We can help you with some ideas:

1. First of all, reserve your motorhome in advance.

In the middle of the season, they are in great demand. You could have the unpleasant surprise of not finding one available anymore or finding it at higher prices or with fewer features. Avoid this stress and make a reservation ahead of time.

2. Don't forget anything at home by listing everything you need.

Cash must not be missing from your luggage because not all stores have POS in the places you will arrive. Documents, phone and charging cable, a medical kit, and common medicines. The clothes you would take on any trip, your favorite shower cosmetics, towels, and bedding (sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers).

What you need to take if you go on holiday with the caravan

The essential equipments you need:

  • Clothes – when packing, remember that there is limited space in the caravan,

  • Camping equipment – ​​you will need a folding table, chairs, blanket, etc.,

  • Portable Generators,

  • Hat and gloves,

  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, and sunglasses,

  • basic hygiene needs,

  • cutlery and food,

  • Tool kit, First aid kit,

  • things practical –Awning, laundry, towels, party games, etc.

  • Security alarm, Fuel Container

When choosing items, it is important to consider your needs and budget.

Here is the List of items you can buy for your Caravan travel.

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Camp kettle & hobo stove

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Emergency Kits

    3. Stock up on food for a few days.

    You will stop in places you will fall in love with and from which you will not want to leave for a few days. Stock up on drinking water and food. Remember that the motorhome has a stove and a refrigerator so that you can cook quickly. So get your oil, spices, pasta, coffee, tea, eggs, vegetables, meat, sausages, and cheeses. The motorhome has a grill set, so put a bag of coals on the list. And, since I kept mentioning the grill, don't forget the refrigerator. It can hold a few cans of beer or a bottle or two of steak-friendly wine.

    4. Take your family or good friends with you.

    You will enjoy dreamy landscapes together, breakfasts on green grass, or dinners around campfires. All these moments are much more beautiful if shared with loved ones.

    5. Make an itinerary ahead of time with places to visit.

    Although the motorhome offers you great flexibility in terms of travel, it is good to know in advance which sights worth visiting you will pass so as not to miss them. It is helpful to list dedicated campsites, as there are over 15,462 such places in the USA.

    This table summarizes key information related to caravanning in the US 2023

    Number of caravans registered in 2023 325,000
    Average age of a caravan owner between 55 and 60 years old
    Most popular types of caravans Class A , Class B motorhomes, travel trailers
    Most popular campsites in the US Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon
    Average cost of camping in the US $30 per night
    Best time of year for caravanning Spring and fall
    Most popular destinations for caravanning National parks, state parks, beaches
    Demographics of caravanners 60% couples, 30% families, 10% singles
    Trends  Increasing popularity, especially among millennials
    Safety tips Stay aware of surroundings, secure belongings, check weather forecast

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