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Sport Berkey Filter Water Bottle - 22 OZ (650 mL)

Sport Berkey Filter Water Bottle - 22 OZ (650 mL)

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If you're looking for a convenient way to stay hydrated with clean and pure water, the Sport Berkey Water Bottle is your perfect solution. This lightweight, ultraportable bottle has the superior Berkey water filtration technology built-in, allowing it to fit easily into any briefcase, gym bag or backpack. It's ideal for use during workouts, in the office or even while trekking outdoors. Enjoy fresher and healthier drinking water wherever life takes you with the Sport Berkey Water Bottle!

Sport Berkey Water Bottle Filter

The Sport Berkey Portable Water Filter is the perfect companion for those who seek to protect themselves while travelling. This innovative product boasts a filter that eliminates or significantly reduces the amount of harmful contaminants commonly found in water sources such as lakes, streams, ponds and overseas water supplies with lower regulations.

Enjoy clean and safe drinking water no matter where you are!

The Sport Berkey Bottle, weighing 22 OZ (650 mL) is an incredibly reliable and convenient companion for those who are always on the go. It can be used in a variety of situations such as driving, camping, exercise, backpacking, travel and even during unexpected emergencies.

1. Bottle is made of BPA-free, non-leaching LDPE #4 medical-grade polymer.
2. Filtration medium is the same as the larger Black Berkey Element and helps remove/reduce toxic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds etc.
3. Shelf life of 50 years
4. Raw and untreated water capacity: ~160 refills;                                                         Municipal tap water capacity: ~640 refills
5. Do not freeze, place in microwave oven or run hot water through filter.


1. How to Clean Berkey Sport Bottle?

Clean the Sport Berkey® Straw periodically using standard cleaning procedures, possibly soaking in soapy water or vinegar water, and rinsing thoroughly. Future build-up can be prevented by frequent cleaning.

2. Can Put Ice Water in Berkey Sport Bottle Filter?

You can refrigerate the Sport Berkey® but don't freeze it, as this could damage the filter.

3. Does Berkey Sports Water Bottle Remove Plastic Particles?

No, It is designed to filter out bacteria, protozoa, chlorine, and other contaminants found in water.

4. How many Microns does the Berkey Sport Bottle Filter?

The Berkey Sport Bottle Filter does not use a micron rating to measure its filtration capabilities but instead uses a combination of advanced media and technologies, including activated carbon and ion exchange media. It is capable of removing 99.9% of bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants from your water.

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