Sagan Inline Purifier *Purify up to 250 gallons of contaminated water **


Purify up to 250 gallons of contaminated water directly from your bladder or any inline bag or bladder system. Simply add to your current tubing. (Bladder shown is not included)

HYDRADYNE TECHNOLOGY - All water has what is known as “surface tension”. This is caused by the molecules which make up water being more densely packed together at the surface due to the stronger inter-molecular forces at work. The Dyne level is a way of measuring the surface tension or ‘force’ of water.

Everyday tap water has a surface tension measured in Dynes of about 72 dynes. Our cells absorb water at approximately 45 dynes.  This means that before our bodies can actually absorb and use the water we take into our systems, it has to expend energy to break down the surface tension from 72 dynes to about 45 dynes.

Due to the ionic properties of the Sagan Journey and DuraFlo Filters, the structure of the water is changed, so the surface tension is reduced from say, 72 dynes to approximately 52 dynes.  What that means is for your body to absorb the water, it only has to reduce the surface tension by 7 more dynes in order for it to be absorbed into your cells. This reduction in surface tension is what allows you to absorb more nutrients and hydrate up to 50% faster from water which has passed through the Sagan Journey and DuraFlo filters.

EASY TO USE. Simply add to any water bladder that has a tube and drink immediately. No waiting, squeezing, pumping, chemicals, ultraviolet bulbs or batteries. Easiest water bladder purifier to drink through. 

REMOVES VIRUS, BACTERIA & PROTOZOAN - The Inline proprietary purifier removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli; 99.99% protozoan, such as giardia and cryptosporidium; REMOVES 99.99% VIRUS! Makes ANY non-salt water source safe water.

INDEPENDENTLY TESTED AND CERTIFIED -  Proven to purify 250 gallons of any non-salt water source, rivers, lakes, flood water. Removes unwanted toxins from tap water. Ideal to pack in disaster packs and go bags.

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